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NEW: Sapphire Zoom

The bedroom department of Jansen Totaal Wonen has been equipped with the CLS Emerald L 6 downlighter

Art work comes to life due the sharp colour reproduction

Creating eye-catching architectural lighting worldwide

NEW: Lina Remote Phosphor series

Military equipment in the illumination of CLS LED

Sharp colour reproduction of the displayed products

Create the perfect working environment & reducing the energy- and maintenance costs

Making architectural buildings even more attractive

Get a green label for your exhibition

Beautiful atmospheric light, realizing both energy & maintenance savings

Increase customer satisfaction and realizing huge savings

Exclusive cars illuminated by high quality fixtures

LED lighting designed & produced in The Netherlands since 2002

CLS company profile

CLS is one of Europe’s most successful manufacturer of high quality LED lighting products. All products are designed & made in The Netherlands, watch our corporate film.

NEW – Ruby Pendant

Ruby Pendant

Featured project

St. Urbanuschurch

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