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CLS products have been installed in many hotels and restaurants worldwide. Through our close contacts with architects and operators of these venues, we know exactly what the requirements are when it comes to lighting.

Wherever your guests feel comfortable, they will be more inclined to recommend their experience to their friends, families and colleagues. The right lighting in the right area plays a major role. In a restaurant, we want a warm atmosphere to enable an extensive and enjoyable dining experience.

The entrance is where the guest expects to be served quickly and efficiently, but is also the very first moment of indulgence, while in the wellness area, a programmable coloured illumination contributes to an optimum state of relaxation.

Each area has its own specific lighting requirement for an optimal experience. In addition, the right quality of LED lighting can certainly contribute to optimizing the operation of a venue in direct financial terms. Compared to traditional incandescent and halogen lighting, savings on energy consumption of up to 80% is no Utopia. Even the maintenance costs for lamp replacement can be virtually eliminated.

Our LED products can be perfectly dimmed to the desired levels to achieve exactly the right atmosphere in any room. Did you know that if you dim an LED fixture, the power consumption is reduced even further? This in contrast to traditional light sources, where the power consumption hardly decreased when dimmed.



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Latest hotel and restaurant projects

Here you can view some of our latest hotel and restaurant project, click on an image to view more information about each project.

Mercure Hotel, Latvia
Mercure Hotel, Latvia

The new Mercure Hotel in the centre[…]

‘Arsenaal 1309’, The Netherlands
‘Arsenaal 1309’, The[...]

Arsenal 1309, which formerly was used[…]

Bistro Bizarre, Belgium
Bistro Bizarre, Belgium

Bistro Bizarre is a cozy restaurant[…]

Postillion Hotel, The Netherlands
Postillion Hotel, The Netherlands

The Deventer establishment of the Postillion[…]

Bell Rock Hotel, Germany
Bell Rock Hotel, Germany

Europa Park, located in the Black Forest,[…]

White Restaurant, Georgia
White Restaurant, Georgia

The pictures displayed here are not[…]

van der Valk, The Netherlands
van der Valk, The Netherlands

After the installation of LED lighting[…]

The Dagenham, England
The Dagenham, England

The project is part of the Namco Entertainment[…]

Park Hotel, The Netherlands
Park Hotel, The Netherlands

The Park Hotel in Amsterdam is situated[…]