What are the benefits of LED lights?

LED, or Light-Emitting Diod, is an electronic semiconductor that will create light when there is electricity running through it. There are three different colors of LED light; red, green and blue. Therefore, a full RGB color mix is possible.

These are the benefits of LED lights;

– LED lights are energy-saving
– They have a longer life expectancy
– They are environmental friendly
– No UV and infrared radiation
– Immediate light
– Shock proof

LED lights are energy-saving

LED fittings are way more energy-saving then halogen or normal light bulbs, and therefore they are able to save you a lot of money. LED lights with 450 Lumen only need 4-5 Watt, a normal light bulb needs 40 Watt and a fluorescent lamp needs 9-13 Watt.

They have a longer life expectancy

The average life span of a high quality LED light is 50.000 – 100.000 hours. A normal fluorescent lamp has a life expectancy of 8000 hours and a normal light bulb has a life expectancy of 1000 hours. This means that you don’t have to buy new lamps that often anymore. This can be a great benefit when it comes to replacing lamps in offices and cinemas, which is often difficult to do and expansive.

They are environmental friendly

LED lights are sustainable and energy-saving, besides that, during the process of making LED lights no dangerous toxins are used, such as mercury and sulfur. During the process of making fluorescent lights, these toxins are used, this is why fluorescent lights are considered as chemical waste.

No UV and infrared radiation

LED lights don’t create UV and infrared radiation. This radiation can be dangerous for people. This is why LED lights are very suitable for museums and the food industry.

Immediate light

LED lights respond very fast. This gives you immediate access to a 100% light!

Shock proof

LED fittings are, when you compare them to traditional lights, shock proof. If you take for example the REVO series; it is fully equipped with aluminum and a front plate. We even like to call this product vandalism proof.