Amsterdam 1900 Exhibition, The Netherlands


Amsterdam 1900 exhibition, Amsterdam City Archives
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The Amsterdam City Archives is the historical documentation center of the city of Amsterdam. It contains about 50 kilometers of archives and millions of drawings, prints and maps. On top of this, is possesses a library and extensive photo, sound and film archives.
The exhibit Amsterdam 1900 is focusing on living and working in Amsterdam around 1900 by means of 300 photos. The rise of industry and the construction of significant buildings such as the Beurs van Berlage and the Central Station, as well as life in slums.
Amsterdam 1900
CLS led
CLS led
CLS led
The Amsterdam based Rapenburg Plaza signed for the design and the realization of the lighting design. They made use of the Ultima Track, provided with 3000K LED light sources with a CRI>95 and provided with various opening angles, including an elliptical angle.

In addition, the Focus 230V Track with Magno Dimming was used. The Focus 230V Track is a particularly compact zoom spotlight with an adjustment range of 15° to 65° and can be used on almost all universal rail systems. Using the Magno Dim system, each spot is individually and very precisely dimmable.

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Focus T 230V
CLS led
Ultima Track
CLS led
We thank Jeffery Steenbergen for kindly providing the photo material of Amsterdam 1900.
LED lighting designed & produced in The Netherlands since 2002