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NEW: The applications section
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NEW – Find products and all relevant information even quicker on the CLS website!
We recognize like no other that due to the speed of technological advancements in LED lighting, it is not easy these days to maintain an overview of all the possibilities. Therefore, in cooperation with a number of committed lighting designers, architects and distributors, we have added a new section to our website: Applications.

Toepassingen sectie
Clicking on the ‘Applications’ button at the top of the homepage, will bring you to a section showing numerous applications that feature CLS products on a regular basis. Within each section, you will find relevant information about each application and a description of typical spaces that can feature LED lighting.

As a example you will find typical spaces in a hotel & restaurant environment.

A click on each space will directly show you an overview of LED products that can be applied there. Of course, the images show just an example.

CLS led
In addition we have designed dedicated web pages for the use of our products in hotel & restaurant, offices, shops & retail, museum & galleries, theatres, cinemas, themeparks and bowling centres. Also a large part of the fixtures in our port-folio can be supplied in different housing colours.

We hope that this new addition to our website will simplify your work. As a customer oriented organization, we are also always open to further suggestions for making your work easier.

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CLS-LED b.v.