Chassé theatre, The Netherlands


Dear CLS relation,

With a total capacity of 2500 seats, the Chassé Theater in Breda is on the largest theaters in The Netherlands. Apart from that, Chassé also offers a number of cinemas, a brasserie and a large lobby.

Recently, the main auditorium with 1430 seats, called the Jupiler room, has been fitted with CLS-LED products for main room lighting. The installation consists of standard recessed Ultima and Luxo 3 fixtures, plussed with the new Ultima B. The Ultima B (bracket) is special version of the Ultima, which is fitted with a bracket for easy installation and beam adjustment.

All fixtures can be dimmed via DMX, due to the CLS LDC-41 DMX dimmers.

De height of 15 meters has proven to be no problem for the Ultima. With a power consumption of only 20 Watts, the Ultima has been able to replace tradional light sources of 150 Watts. In the old situation, the total power consumption of the room lighting in the Jupiter room was 10.108 Watts. After the upgrade to CLS Ultima and LUXO 3, this figure has dropped drastically to 2458 Watts. This means energy savings of as much as 75%!

Apart from the savings on energy costs, savings on maintenance costs also played an important role. Due to the impressive height of the room, changing light bulbs has always been quite labor-intensive. In the new situation, it is expected that changing light sources will not be necessary for the next 20 years.

Kind regards,

CLS-LED b.v.