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CLS Emerald | So much more than a standard downlighter!

There is a good reason why the Emerald has been nominated for the I-NOVO Tech Awards by the prestigious French ArchiExpo. The judges praised these features among many others: 

  • Variable installation size of the Emerald, which makes it possible to fill every existing mounting hole between 14 and 25 cm with only 2 different front modules.
  • The low glare value (UGR) in combination with an large beam angle, offers much less fixtures needed per square meter.
  • The excellent colour reproduction, which enables the Emerald to make all possible displayed products even more attractive, for instance in shops. This helps consumers in their choice of the displayed products.
Add to this fact that the Emerald is fully produced in The Netherlands, comes with a 5-year warranty and has very competitive pricing. Now it becomes clear why the Emerald has gained popularity in a short period of time by end-users, lighting designers as well as installers.

The Emerald offers multiple light outputs varying from 1600 to 4100 lumen.

CLS led

LED lighting designed & produced in The Netherlands