New! CLS Focus Spot series


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CLS introduces the unique Focus product series.

An extensive cooperation with leading lighting designers in the museum world has resulted in a revolutionary range of display lighting for museums, galleries and retail applications. Never before have lighting designers had such a powerful tool at their disposal for optimum showcase lighting.

Two different versions are available, which complement one another perfectly and can fulfil all possible lighting requirements.


The product series starts with the Focus Spot fixture, which offers the following unique specifications:

• The CLS zoom system enables lighting designers to vary the beam angle between 15° and 65°.
• Choice of (typical) 85 and 95 CRI versions for optimum colour reproduction.
• Internal slot for colour correction filters.
• Large horizontal and vertical adjustability, for optimum positioning flexibility.
• Optional extension rods of 10 & 30 cm height, for variable heights of the pole.
• Maximum power consumption 3 Watt.
• Dimmable via 1-10V, DMX or mains (phase cut).

The Focus Spot T DMX (soon available) offers lighting designers even more possibilities:

• For the first time in the history of museums it is now possible to individually adjust intensity levels per fixture with only a few simple programming actions.
• Each Focus T DMX fixture has its own processor with memory function on board. This makes it possible to program each fixture to the desired intensity level, without the need of a continuous data signal.
• A special EUTRAC circuit trackrail supplies both power and a data signal to each fixture. A wide variety of accessories is available for this rail system, enabling a suitable setup for every situation.

The Focus series offers exactly what lighting designers all over the world have requested for many years. Surely, the Focus can therefore be seen very soon in museums worldwide.

The following picture was taken inside the Drents Museum in Assen (The Netherlands), where the Death Sea Scrolls can be seen until January 5th 2014. Lighting designer Leon van Warmerdam from CLS partner Lichtpunt, was very pleased that CLS granted him the introduction of this brand new product series in the museum world. A total of 150 pieces were installed in various showcases.

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