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In close collaboration with the team of lighting designers for what soon will be the largest museum project in The Netherlands, CLS has developed the Focus Track DMX.

This unique product offers exhibition designers the possibility to individually address and dim large quantities of fixtures. Due to the Focus Track DMX, it is now possible to light objects in showcases quick and easy with the most accurate intensity levels. Of course DMX control also offers the possibility to program complete dynamic scenes with light levels changing very subtle or dramatically.

For larger exhibitions, substantial time savings can be achieved, as changing the intensity level of each individual fixture is only a matter of seconds. This certainly contributes to an even shorter Return-On-Investment period, which LED solutions of course are already known for.

The Focus Track DMX comes standard with a ‘Memory on Board’ function, allowing for a stored intensity value when no DMX-signal is present, or in the event of a signal-loss.

In addition to the digital control options, the Focus Track DMX offer the following unique features:
• Zoom range 15° – 65°
• Internal slot for colour- or correction filters
• Available colour temperatures of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K
• Available in CRI83 or CRI93 version
• Power consumption max. 4 Watts
• Angled snoot available as accessory

CLS Focus T DMX CLS Focus T DMX with Snoot
CLS Focus T DMX CLS Focus with Snoot
The Focus comes standard in a black finish. White or blank aluminium versions are available upon request (M.O.Q. applies).

In combination with the standard- and stem mounted versions of the Focus, CLS offers the ultimate showcase lighting solution.

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CLS Focus Spot CLS Focus Spot with extension pipes
CLS Focus Spot CLS Focus Spot
Drents Museum, The Netherlands
Exhibition Dead Sea Scrolls