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   NEW CLS Retail & Food modules

Increase of sales by optimal presentation of products through our Retail & Food LED modules!

In a world where online shopping is becoming a threat to retailers worldwide, its more and more important to make sure that shops are made as attractive as possible for visitors.

A good lighting plan is essential and with the introduction of the special Retail & Food modules colours of products and food are more vibrant than ever before! White is pure white, black and dark blue are spot on and also Red colours are pure natural.

CLS is introducing a complete new line of special Retail & Food CoB LED modules for the Sapphire rail spots and the Emerald down lighter series.

Emerald   Sapphire
CLS led   CLS led
We offer dedicated modules for the following product groups:

• Clothing • Bread
• Furniture • Meat
• Kitchens • Fish
• Schoes • Vegetables and Fruit 
• Jewellery  

For more information just contact your local CLS representative or sent us a mail by a click on information request.

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Brochure Emerald Retail & Food   Brochure Sapphire Retail & Food
CLS led   CLS led
CLS led
CLS led   CLS led

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