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CLS - Creative Lighting Solutions
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CLS – Unique dimming system for outdoor fixtures
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World scoop: Dimming outdoor fixtures without special LED dimming systems, operating systems or  cabling.

CLS shows their innovative leadership once more by introducing the CLS Magno Dimming system on the REVO Compact & REVO Basic outdoor fixtures series (IP67).

From now on it’s possible to dim LED outdoor fixtures individually on an eccentric simple and accurate manner. The Magno Dim system makes it all possible!

What are the advantages of the Magno Dim system?

  • No special LED Dim systems or operating systems needed.
  • No extra cabling or cabling costs.
  • Light disturbance now can be simply avoided by adjusting the light output of individual fixtures on critical places. This will be arranged in just a few seconds!
  • Just one type of outdoor fixture is needed to lighten up individual objects. Ideal in situations with objects in variable sizes, for example in gardens & parks.
  • Kalibration function is future proof! As optics, LEDs and internal power supply can easily be replaced, the REVO will never be outdated by future developments.

The unique function of the Magno Dim system will be demonstrated in the video below:

CLS led
As from today, the REVO Magno fixtures are available at your local CLS-dealer, this also applies for all track versions.