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Sapphire Retail & Food fixtures for Coca-Cola gift shop at Europa-Park 

In the heart of Europe between the Vosges and the Black Forest, the immense Europa Park is located. Every year, the park, located in Germany, is attracting over 5,5 million visitors from around the world. With more than 100 attractions and numerous events, the park offers a special experience for every age.
Throughout the park, one can find CLS LED fixtures in the most various locations. Through German partner Becker Lichttechnik, thousands of CLS products were delivered in the past few years.

Recently, the Coca-Cola gift shop was equipped with the new Sapphire Retail & Food fixtures. This new line uses special LED modules to perfectly illuminate product groups in the retail & food industry, by means of a maximum colour rendition of the products on display. There are special modules for among others clothing, furniture, kitchen, jewellery, fish, meat & bread.

CLS led   CLS led
CLS led
With the new Retail & Food LED modules, colours are exposed in a lively way and white is really white. Sales ranges are presented in an optimal way and stores are getting a much more “fresh” appearance.
In the fight against online sellers, an optimal exposure of products is a must. CLS LED fixtures not only contribute to substantial savings on energy and maintenance costs, but also helps retailers to create a much more attractive shopping environment for customers.
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CLS led   CLS led   CLS led

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