CLS Fixture configurator



Total creative freedom for designers and architects

It is now no longer the manufacturer who decides what is available, but YOU!

The unique CLS fixture configurator puts you in full control and lets you configure thousands of product variations with only a few mouse clicks. In case of the CLS Ultima for instance, you have a choice of no less than 2400 possible configurations. Housing colour, side glow effect, LED colours, beam angles, dimming methods: you decide!

CLS offers you precisely what other manufacturers are unable to, due to both logistical and technical limitations: the possibility to choose exactly the right fixtures for each project.

It is also good to know that CLS does not only produce its fixtures at its own premises in The Netherlands, but that we can also guarantee consistent colour rendition for many combinations of different fixture configurations for years to come. This is because we can use exactly the same type of LEDs for our products, every time. It is very unlikely that you will find this at any other manufacturer, as in most cases extremely large quantities are produced at many different OEM partners, which makes it alsmost impossible to obtain and distribute the correct LED in sufficient quantities.

Creative freedom and quality consistency are among the many reasons why more and more renown architects and designers worldwide choose CLS-LED products for their projects.

Kind regards,

CLS-LED b.v.