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Focus Track 230V Magno
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CLS Focus Track 230V Magno

At the request of some prominent light designers over the world, CLS has designed the new Focus 230V Track.

The Focus 230V Track is compatible with the majority of common track systems, therefore easily to incorporate into existing infrastructures.

Furthermore, the Focus Track 230V is equipped with an internal power supply and features the acclaimed Magno dimming system. The Magno dimming system is incredibly accurate and offers an extraordinary wide dimming range. The light output is equivalent to traditional 35 Watt halogen fixtures.

Some distinctive specifications of the Focus 230V Track:
– Unprecedented elegance, functionality and efficiency united in a timeless design.
– Adjustable beam angle of 15° – 65°.
– Internal slot for colour- and/or correction filters.
– Mechanical locking system for optimum position fixation.
– Optional extension rods of 10 & 30 cm height, allowing the fixture to be mounted up to 120 cm below the track.
– Snoot available as optional accessory.
– Available in black and white housing.

The Focus Track 230V is the ideal solution for replacing traditional luminaries and provides not only a perfect dimming with unprecedented precision, but also adjustability of the beam angle.

If you scan the QR code, you will be able to see the latest Focus documentation or see the Magno Dimming movie.

Please contact your local CLS distributor for more information.

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Focus Track 230V Magno Black   Focus Track 230V Magno White
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