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Football Temple
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On May 1st 2014, a unique sports shop opened named Football Temple, which is located in the center of Amsterdam between ‘de Dam’ and the ‘Anne Frank huis’. The 500 square meter store is a football joy for every lover of football shirts, football shoes and all sorts of sportswear. This unique store is the place to be for every football fanatic.

Interior Design Firm Rob Sleegers is responsible for this interior performance. Beco Techniek installed the CLS Sapphire in the entire shop to present the collection at its best. The Sapphire is a beautiful design fixture, perfectly suitable to replace 35, 50 & 70 Watt CDMT track rail fixtures in museums, galleries, retail and showrooms.

Due to the extensive configuration options of the Sapphire series, designers can choose from several housing colours, LED modules with light output up to 3500 lumen, various CRI values & multiple beam angles.

CLS led CLS led
The fixture combines a very high light output with an excellent colour rendition. The right colour rendition is essential in a clothing shop, a characteristic that CLS pays the utmost attention to in the development of all fixtures.

With the upcoming World Championship, Football Temple certainly will have a great start of the season.

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