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Intermontage, The Netherlands
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Dear CLS relation,

Interior builder Intermontage recently opened their new interior centre in Terwolde, The Netherlands. The entire building is a showroom, to show customers how the interior of the future looks like. We are proud that Intermontage chose for CLS LED fixtures trough our partner Van Dalen Installatietechniek B.V. The CLS fixtures have been used for functional lighting and highlighting as well.

The lighting-design has been made by Gerben Wolters, lighting advisor at Van Dalen Installatietechniek, Distributor of CLS. Gerben used different CLS fixtures in his design. The Luxo 6 has been placed in the hallways, offices and in the cafeteria. The Luxo 6 can be dimmed perfectly and is available in multiple colours and beam angles. This also counts for the Luxo 3 that has been used in cabinets and public rooms.

CLS led
CLS led
Throughout the building they paid attention to design and details. The careful choice of materials could be seen everywhere and the finishing touch is very nice. To strengthen the design and create extra highlights, black HYLO’s were used. The HYLO is a beautiful surface mounted fixture that perfectly fits in this interior, due of its functionality and design. The HYLO can be configured in many ways just like lots of CLS fixtures. This can be done with the CLS fixture configurator on our website.

CLS led CLS led
HYLO Luxo 3 Luxo 6 Ultima Gallery
CLS led CLS led CLS led CLS led
Last but not least, The CLS Ultima Gallery has been used in the public spaces. The Ultima Gallery is individually dimmable trough a potentiometer located on the housing. By using different beam angles the light can be aimed to the object as desired. The Ultima series have a very low UGR value, limiting the glare to an absolute minimum. Thanks to that, the Ultima is perfect for all sorts of applications where anti-glare is very important.

This project was a great success and we wish Intermontage all best with their new interior centre.

With kind regards,

The CLS LED team