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Mummies life beyond death
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In this new exhibition in the Drents Museum in Assen (The Netherlands), the Focus Compact Spot was used for the first time.

Never before have there been so many mummies on display in The Netherlands. More than 60 human- and animal mummies can be seen at this remarkable exhibition. There is also much to be learned about how mummies came to exist and how they have managed to ‘survive’ for literally thousands of years after their death, to be seen by today’s and future generations.

The designers of the exhibition had worked with the original CLS Focus fixture before – to full satisfaction – but expressed the desire for an even more compact version. Within a time frame of less than 2 months, CLS managed to design and produce this compact version, while maintaning its lighting properties, including the zoom range.

CLS distributor Lichtpunt Theatertechniek (Groningen, The Netherlands) supplied the 130 Focus Compact Spot fixtures in a 3000K / 95 CRI version.

Mummies 1
Mummies 2 Mummies 3
Due the various available lengths of extension rods, it is possible to mount fixtures on heights up to 120 cm.

With the introduction of the Focus Compact, the Focus series currently exists of 3 different versions. Lighting designers worldwide are known to appreciate the high quality of CLS fixtures in combination with realistic price levels. Numerous museum projects all around the world are now fitted with CLS fixtures on a monthly basis.

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Focus Compact Spot Focus Spot Focus T DMX
Focus Comact Spot Focus Spot Focus T DMX