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CLS introduces the new Jade rail fixtures, unbeatable in price/quality ratio

Here you can read the most important features:

  • Fully designed and manufactured in The Netherlands.
  • Actual measured light output up to 3500 Lumens.
  • Extremely high colour rendering up to CRI> 96.
  • Special LED modules are available for Retail & Food applications. These LED modules ensure that the colours of specific product groups such as clothing, furniture, bread, vegetables, meat & fruits are perfectly displayed.
  • Available as non-dim, mains-dim or local-dim.
  • Housing in white, black or grey.
  • Attractive design with 350° x 360° adjustability.
  • 5 years warranty!
And at least as important for you: A recommended gross price as from € 140,-.
This means: saving on energy and maintenance costs, air conditioning costs for years, and in addition an extremely high light quality at an even lower investment cost than a comparable ‘Made in China’ fixture.

The Jade S and Jade Retail & Food are available as from now on.

Jade S   Jade Retail & Food
Jade S   Jade Retail and Food
The Jade series will be expanded during 2017 with an Expo and Bracket Series, which will provide among others colour change and very extensive control options. Meanwhile, you can see the photos of the first project below. It is no coincidence that the first projects are of museum character. The Jade offers a superior light quality in an attractive design and these are important criteria for museums.
K26 – The Netherlands   Airborne museum – The Netherlands
CLS led   CLS led

LED lighting designed & produced in The Netherlands since 2002