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NEW – Jade Expo Series

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Jade Expo, the new standard for museum lighting projects

A number of times in its existence, CLS has set new standards for museum lighting projects.
Amongst others things the Focus and Sapphire Zoom series, light designers were provided with new tools so that they could illuminate exhibitions even more optimally.

With the Jade Expo, CLS now offers an incredibly versatile, high-quality and affordable fixture, which can be used in almost every setting. The Jade Expo is available in many variants, and with a warranty of no less than 5 years it is a sound investment for both large and small museums & galleries. The specifications below will make clear to you that the Jade is unique in terms of price / quality ratio. 

Jade Expo White
CLS led
Jade Expo Black
CLS led
Choice between many light sources 

  • Citizen or Xicato light sources 2700K, 3000K or 4000K.
  • CRI 90, CRI 96 or CRI 98.
  • 2000 or 3500 Lumen light source.
  • For special applications, RGBW or Tunable White light source.
Beam angles are changeable in just a few seconds

  • 19°, 33°, 42°, 70° and 55° x 22° beam angle.
  • By means of the standard included accessory holder and the unique CLS Beam shapers you are able to change the beam angle in just a few seconds. With the Jade, you can easily create the desired beam angle for each exchange exhibition.
Choise of dimming and control options

  • Local Dim Superior
  • DMX 512
  • Mains dim by means of phase cut-off
  • DALI and Bluetooth dimming (Q1 2018)
Choice of many accessories

  • Rotatable barndoor
  • Snoot
  • Half cut snoot
  • Honey Comb Louvre
For a demonstration, please contact your local CLS distributor.

CLS led
Half Cut Snoot
CLS led
Rotatable Barndoor
CLS led
Honey Comb Louvre
Honey Comb Louvre
LED lighting designed & made in The Netherlands since 2002 
CLS led