NEW – CLS REVO Inground DMX-8 series


Hollands Paar
CLS presents the REVO Inground IP67 Direct DMX-8 series
CLS introduces the REVO Inground with fully integrated DMX electronics & power supply inside the fixture.
  • White Light, RGBW, RGBA, AWB & Tunable White versions.
  • 8°, 12°, 30°, 60°, 80° or 12 x 46° beam angle available.
  • Dynamic Power Control (DPC) for up to 25% higher light output.
  • Dynamic Temperature Control (DTC) for optimal protection of the fixture.
  • Light beam can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.
  • Ventilation gland to avoid moisture inside the fixture.
  • Stainless steel 316 front ring.
  • Delivered including a gel mold set for waterproof connection.
  • Easy cabling with 5 core DMX / power cable.
  • DMX address will be preprogrammed at the factory by CLS.
REVO Inground DMX-8
REVO Inground DMX-8
REVO Inground Colour Flow
REVO Inground Colour Flow DMX-8
REVO Inground Tunable White
REVO Inground Tunable White DMX-8
So, forget all installation headaches with external drivers that need to be placed in separate installation boxes, the problems of maximum cable lengths and a lot of other installation issues.

Below you see pictures of the famous “Hollands Paartje”. The statues are not less than 10 meter high and are perfectly lit by the new REVO Inground DMX-8 in a RGBW version.

We thank our partner Rapenburg Plaza for realizing this project and taking the photo’s with a minus 8 ºC outside temperature.

The new REVO Inground DMX-8 series are now available for ordering. For more information contact your local CLS distributor.

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Hollands Paar

Hollands Paar
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