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CLS Sapphire
New, the CLS Sapphire series!
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CLS surprises the market again with a unique combination of state of the art design and functionality. The patented design offers an unprecedented elegance combined with a distinguished technical look.

CLS Sapphire CLS Sapphire DMX CLS Sapphire Gallery
CLS Sapphire CLS Sapphire DMX CLS Sapphire Gallery
In addition, the new Sapphire trackrail range offers features that you will encounter at no other manufacturer.
Some of the highlights:
  • Choice of different light sources with light output up to 3350 lumens.
  • Choice of CRI 85 or 93 light source for optimal colour reproduction.
  • Choice of 4 different colour temperatures (2700K, 3000K, 4000K & 5000K).
  • Choice of 3 interchangeable optics (spot, medium flood & wide flood).
  • Choice of various colour finishes.
  • Choice of various dimming methods. The Sapphire Gallery offers individual local dimming via a small potentiometer on the driver housing.
  • The Sapphire DMX even offers individual addressing and dimming via the DMX 512 protocol. In addition, the Sapphire DMX also has an internal memory for storing intensity values.
  • An internal slot offers the possibility to apply colour- or correction filters.
Due to the easily interchangeable LED module, the Sapphire can be upgraded relatively simple at any time in the future, should this be required.
Due to the many possible choices in terms of light output, colour temperature, colour rendering and dimming methods, a suitable version can be configured for each application. This can be done in a simple manner using the CLS Fixture Configurator.
Typical applications include use in shops, galleries, museums and all other possible applications where high light output combined with an excellent colour rendition is desired.
In addition, the Sapphire offers a very good price to quality ratio and will therefore soon be a favourite among both lighting designers and price-conscious purchasers.
Based on a dealer preview, a limited number of CLS-partners have seen early prototypes and have already sold the first leading projects. We hope to be able to show you the first project pictures any time soon.

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