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CLS REVO Direct DMX series!

CLS is proud to announce the all new CLS Direct DMX series.
With these new series CLS offers the best in durability, ease of use and installation and off course maximum performance in the most compact housing possible.
REVO Direct DMX IP67 series   REVO Track Direct DMX series
CLS led   CLS led
Some key features of the Direct DMX series:

  • DMX electronics and power supply fully integrated in the fixture.
  • Available in both the normal and Revo Compact series.
  • Available in IP67 and Rail versions.
  • Available as White, Single Colour, RGBW, RGBA, ABW and tunable White versions.
  • Dynamic Power Control (DPC) for 25% higher light output.
  • Dynamic Temperature Control (DTC) for optimal protection of the fixture in case of extreme hot weather conditions.

Just click on  the brochure for all relevant information.

Deliveries start end of October.
For more information just contact your local CLS representative.

REVO Direct DMX IP67 brochure   REVO Track Direct DMX brochure
  CLS led

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