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REVO Micro Inground
NEW CLS REVO Micro Inground
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Compact, efficient and high quality
As of today, the new REVO Micro Inground is available through your regular CLS Dealer. This latest addition to the successful REVO series offers the following features:

  • IP67 rating
  • Available in 100-240 VAC or 24 VDC/VAC version
  • Ventilation Gland with Gore-Tex membrane, which minimizes the risk of condensation in situations with rapid temperature fluctuations (e.g. irrigation systems, desert climate)
  • High light output with a power consumption of only 5 Watts
  • Easily interchangeable lenses for optimum illumination of facades or objects
  • High grade stainless steel 316 top ring for optimum protection against lime/salt from irrigation systems and salt in coastal areas
  • 2/3/4 Way mold set included for guaranteed waterproof connection

In combination with other members of the REVO family, you now have an unprecedented choice of high-quality IP67 luminaires.

REVO Micro Inground REVO Compact Inground REVO Inground
REVO Micro Inground REVO Compact Inground REVO Inground
REVO Micro REVO Compact REVO Basic
CLS led REVO Compact REVO Basic