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Now even more choice in the REVO fixtures program!
At the request of some prominent light designers, CLS has designed several new variants within the REVO series. Besides that, several new accessories are available.

REVO Compact Track & REVO Track DMX 512

The new REVO Track fixtures including full DMX 512 functionality are the ultimate choice for use in museums, theatres and TV studios. Every REVO Track fixture has its own ‘memory on board’ function. Should the REVO Track fixtures ever lose their control signal, they are able to recall their latest programmed value. The fixtures are available for the most common data track systems.

REVO Compact Track DMX REVO Track DMX
REVO Compact Track Magno & REVO Track Magno
For existing installations where conventional fixtures on 3-phase track systems need to be replaced for LED-fixtures, the REVO Track Fixtures are also available in a version with Magno dimming. This unique patented CLS dimming system is much more accurate than fixtures that are dimmable by a small potentiometer.Another huge advantage is that no mechanical parts are used, which wear off after a number of years and thereby can cause malfunctions.

Click here for the Magno demonstation film

REVO Compact Track Magno REVO Track Magno
REVO Compact Magno REVO Track Magno
New accessories
By the first of October, Snoots will be available for all versions of the REVO, which reduce possible glare. The Snoots are easily mountable and no tools are needed. The side with the bevelled edge can be positioned in every direction. The Snoots are available in black and grey finish.

Snoots REVO Serie incl. Snoot
CLS led CLS led
Please, contact your local CLS distributor for more information.

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