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World Soil Museum
World Soil Museum
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On April 7th 2014, the official opening of the World Soil Museum will take place. This new museum is located at the research campus of Wageningen University (The Netherlands). In this museum, a wide variety of soil types from all around the globe will be on display. In addition, visitors can learn about the role of different soils in life and ecosystems in the world.

Lighting designer Bob van der Klaauw from CLS partner Lichtpunt Theatertechniek (Groningen, The Netherlands) has turned the wide variety of available beam angels of the Ultima Gallery series into a creative and visually attractive lighting concept for this particular application. Selecting an elliptical lens (12×46°) and having it placed vertically in the fixture, results in an elongated and narrow beam, which accentuates the collection of monoliths in a most beautiful manner.

World Soil Museum 1 World Soil Museum 2
The Ultima series is distinguished by a remarkably low glare ratio (UGR < 13). By selecting a black finish, any glare is limited even further, resulting in perfect object lighting without any annoying glare caused by the light source.

CLS LED fixtures are now being specified in museum- and gallery projects worldwide on a weekly basis. It is the combination of many different available beam angles, colour temperatures, CRI values and excellent dimming properties that allow designers the ultimate freedom in creating the perfect lighting design.

For optimal (interactive) intensity control, more and more CLS track mounted fixtures are also available with DMX control. The most popular CLS fixtures in the museum world are:

Sapphire Gallery Sapphire DMX Ultima Gallery REVO Gallery
CLS Sapphire Gallery CLS Sapphire DMX CLS Ultima Gallery CLS REVO Gallery
REVO Compact Gallery Focus Spot Focus Compact Spot Focus T DMX
CLS REVO Compact Gallery CLS Focus Spot CLS Focus Compact Spot CLS Focus T DMX
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