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Theatre De St-Gilles in La Reunion

Garden lighting can have many purposes. It could serve as mood lighting. If your garden is illuminated attractively, you would spend more time in it. Outdoor lighting can also serve as functional lighting. It provides more sight into your garden. More sight means more safety. The chance for a robbery is much smaller when your garden is well illuminated.

CLS provides LED lighting for gardens and landscapes. Garden lighting will set the mood of your garden. Besides the influence of the sun, you could influence the mood of your garden by using LED garden fixtures. You could create the ideal setting by finding the right balance between light and dark.

There are a lot of possibilities for illuminating your garden. You could for example use recessed ground spots to accentuate your terrace or pond. Recessed ground spots could also be used for illuminating trees. To use a ground spot as tree lighting, you should aim the light beam to the crown of the tree. By this way you can illuminate most branches of the tree.

Another possibility for lighting your garden is for example using up/down fixtures, like the HYLO Up and Down, to illuminate Facades. Exterior lighting can accentuate the details of your facade. The HYLO up/down fixture has light beams on both sides, what creates a special effect.

A unique project what CLS has realised in the field of garden lighting is illuminating Theatre De St-Gilles on La Reunion Island. This is an outdoor theatre with an enormous landscape filled with trees and coconut palm trees. CLS illuminated the theatre and its surrounding, like the trees and coconut palm trees.

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