LED lighting for architecture

Architecural LED lighting will make your building a real eye-catcher!

led verlichting voor architectuur

‘Onze lieve vrouwentoren’ in Amersfoort

CLS has many years of experience in the field of LED lighting for architecture. We exactly know the requirements for LED lighting through our close contact with architects and light designers. Our assortment contains divers LED fixtures whom are qualified for façade lighting and exterior lighting. Lighting is very important in architecture.

Architectural lighting plays a big role in creating the right atmosphere. The appearance of a building is mostly made by the façade lighting. You could influence the appearance of the building through façade lighting with the right LED fixtures.

For example, You could create a real eye-catching effect with the REVO series. The successful REVO series are already used in different architectural lighting projects, like the Mercure Hotel in the centre of Riga or the ‘Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren’ in Amersfoort.

Another successful LED fixture in the field of LED lighting for architecture are the HYLO fixtures. With the HYLO fixtures you can create different beams. The up/down version offers the possibility to use two different colours of light and two different beam angles within one single fixture.

Why should you choose for CLS? We have gained plenty experience by realising many projects in the field of architecture. With this experience we can offer you a custom lighting solution. For more information or questions mail to info@cls-led.com

Architectural lighting fixtures

Outdoor lighting fixture
HYLO Compact
REVO lighting fixture
REVO Basic
Outdoor colour changing fixture
REVO Tunable White DMX-8


facade lighting

Facade lighting

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