LED lighting for museums

Led lighting for museums

Zaans museum in The Netherlands

CLS LED provides LED lighting for museums. For museums and galleries, the use of LED lighting is becoming more interesting every day. The quality of light in particular, has significantly improved in recent years, in both efficiency and colour rendition.

LED Modules with a CRI of 95 – 97 are available, which ensure an optimum colour rendition. In addition, due to the development of new control equipment, the dimming characteristics of the fixtures certainly match those of traditional light sources.

CLS closely cooperates with leading lighting designers in the museum world, for example Ata-tech, Lichtpunt and Rapenburg, in order to develop luminaires that are specifically designed for this application, with both functionality and aesthetics in mind.

The Focus series for instance, offers unprecedented opportunities for lighting designers: a zoom range of 15° – 65°, the possibility of placing colour- and correction filters and individual control of each museum lighting fixture by use of the DMX512 protocol.

Another track fixture that is specifically designed for this application is, our newest fixture called the Sapphire Zoom. The Sapphire Zoom is the perfect lighting tool for the illumination of collections in museums and galleries. With a zoom range from 8° to 50°, is distance no longer an issue.

The newly designed Sapphire Zoom is dimmable by
– Analogue through potentiometer.
– Digital push dimming for extreme accurate dimming.
– DMX 512.

Museum lighting could bring your exposition alive!

Museum lighting fixtures

Museum lighting fixture
Focus T DMX
Trackrail lighting fixture
Sapphire Zoom
surface mounted lighting fixtures
Jade S



Hallways & corridors

Display lighting

Exposition rooms

Sanitary area

Facade lighting

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