Hotel Grossfeld, Germany
Mercure Hotel, Latvia

The new Mercure Hotel in the centre of Riga has recently opened. The striking building[…]

‘Arsenaal 1309’, The Netherlands

Arsenal 1309, which formerly was used as a monastery and later as weapons storage,[…]

Bistro Bizarre, Belgium

Bistro Bizarre is a cozy restaurant located in the Belgian village Mater. With a[…]

Postillion Hotel, The Netherlands

The Deventer establishment of the Postillion Hotel chain has recently undergone a[…]

Bell Rock Hotel, Germany

Europa Park, located in the Black Forest, in the border area of Germany, France and[…]

White Restaurant, Georgia

The pictures displayed here are not photorealistic renderings, but actual pictures[…]

van der Valk, The Netherlands

After the installation of LED lighting in one of the restrooms and Wellness Room,[…]

The Dagenham, England

The project is part of the Namco Entertainment Facility in Dagenham, Essex UK. Ventola[…]

Park Hotel, The Netherlands

The Park Hotel in Amsterdam is situated in the heart of the city centre near the[…]