Vliegend Hert, The Netherlands
Vliegend Hert, The Netherlands

Het Vliegend Hert is a former office complex that has been transformed into 239 apartments[…]

Bakery Geert Vonk, The Netherlands

The new CLS Jade Retail & food fixtures are available with special LED modules[…]

Twickenham, United Kingdom

CLS fixtures are increasingly being used in luxury residential projects worldwide.[…]

Water tower, The Netherlands

35 meter high water tower is illuminated by means of 20 Watt REVO Inground The new[…]

Shopping Centre Molukkenstraat, The Netherlands

The owner of the Molukkenstraat shopping centre wanted a more beautiful appearance[…]

Feengrotten, Germany

The Feengrotten Saalfeld are a renowned attraction. Hundreds of years ago, men have[…]

Amsterdam 1900, The Netherlands

The Amsterdam City Archives is the historical documentation center of the city of[…]

De Heus, The Netherlands

On the site of the former compound feed factory De Heus, they are working on creating[…]

Theatre church, The Netherlands

Thanks to the incredible commitment of the directors and volunteers of the Stichting[…]

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