St Urbanuschurch, The Netherlands
St Urbanuschurch, The Netherlands

The St. Urbanus Church (Bovenkerk) is a Roman-Catholic church in Bovenkerk, in the[…]

Wolkat, The Netherlands

Wolkat is a group of innovative textile recycling companies. Together, these companies[…]

Zoomers Citystore, The Netherlands

CLS realizes Europe’s largest LED retail lighting project: Zoomers City Store Den[…]

Sherwood Forest, The Netherlands

Sherwood Forest hand crafted leather bags, belts and small leather goods are made[…]

Piet Zoomers, The Netherlands

Piet Zoomers – A Celebration of Fashion – re-styled its stores in Arnhem and[…]

De Pronkkamer, The Netherlands

The Pronkkamer in Twello (The Netherlands) is a beautiful flower shop. For some time[…]