Privium Lounge, The Netherlands

Privium Lounge, The Netherlands

After an international design competition, Schiphol chose Dutch M + R Interieur Architecten to design their prestigious Privium Lounge. It is an unequalled concept that offers exclusivity to Privium Plus members. The verb ‘waiting’ is labelled a total new connotation since it offers time-saving privileges and a stress-free way to start your journey; e.g. members make use of biometric identification to pass customs.

The design is based on organic shapes. The architects were inspired by the natural movement of inhaling and exhaling that can be read by the curved flow throughout the area. Its design heralds a new era of airport lounges. The architects chose for natural shapes and materials to break with the standard concept of business lounges. Walls and parts of the ceiling are illuminated by 600 metres of Colourcove X-bright. The Colourcove X-bright was chosen for its even light dispersion and colour-mixing qualities. The LDX 3/05 enables the variation of  the colour temperature or so called mood setting. The lighting enhances and emphasizes the aesthetics of the whole design. Colours and light have always had a universal effect on the senses, a fact that was ingeniously used throughout the composition.

The lighting palette is programmed as such:
Artic white: morning
Freazing blue: afternoon
Warm gold: evening
Ice cold: special blue
Lounge party: party purple
Business class: warm white

Each colour has a well-considered function. White is the most intense colour applicable.
It radiates, is clear, boasts natural energizing daylight and wakes the senses. Freazing blue refreshes and is soothing. Warm gold in the evening mimics the effects of a relaxing sunset. Purple enhances creativity, motivation and spirituality. M + R Interieur Architecten succeeded in finding the right balance between the function and purpose of the lounge. The colour temperature of the Colourcove X-Bright has clearly added to this balance.

Privium Lounge, an elite way to travel.