37 Watt downlighter for furniture showroom lighting.
    Typical applications
    The Otis series are developed in close collaboration with leading entrepreneurs in the furniture retail market.
    The Otis series offers perfect colour reproduction for both wood, leather and textiles.
    One can choose between: CRI>80, CRI>90 or even CRI>95.
    4 light fixtures in one single housing
    3 different objects like sofas, cabinets or paintings can be illuminated with the independent adjustable mirrors and downwards the Otis spot acts like a standard downlighter.
    Maximum flexibility
    Each mirror optic holds 2 adjustable mirrors. One can easily adjust the beam angle for a perfect illumination of all relevant objects in a furniture studio.
    Large energy savings
    In comparison with a 100 Watt SWT the energy savings are no less than 65%! Compared to a 70 Watt CDMT the Otis fixture saves you still 52% on the energy bill.
    Lamp replacements cost are a thing of the past
    With a average life time of 50.000 hours no more costly replacement of bulbs.
    Several methods of dimming available



    Available on request


    Specifications    ( i )

    37 WattIP20295 gram150cm 1050mA50000 Hrs3IndoorCeiling20 cm17 cmCitizen x1Mains dimmable1-10V dimmable

    LED Colors