• Watt RGB colour changing fixture with very soft and even colour mixing.
    • Easy installation through RJ45 cabling system.
    • High quality easy interchangeable lens optics in different beam angles; 25°, 40°, 60° and 120°.
    • Massive aluminum CNC cut housing for optimal cooling.
    • Anti glare design, optional soft diffusion filter for very soft light dispersion.
    • Usual IP40 rating. With soft tone diffusion filter IP52 rating.
    • Each module is horizontally and vertically adjustable.
    • Round-, square-, dual- and four module mounting plates available.

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    • L-3-1-50-2 CLS Luxo 3 module 40° RGB IP40
    • L-3-1-50-2D CLS Luxo 3 module 40° RGB incl diffusion IP52
    • L-3-2-50-2 CLS Luxo 3 module 40° RGB IP40 Black
    • L-3-2-50-2D CLS Luxo 3 module 40° RGB black, incl diffusion IP52


    Specifications    ( i )

    7 WattIP40IP52172 gram100cm Max. 700 mA50000 Hrs3IndoorWallCeiling30°360°10cmLuxeon x3

    LED Colors