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    • Extremely compact IP67 Inground fixture. More than 200 different configurations are possible. Create your own version within 30 seconds on our website.
    • Available in 100-240 VAC or an 24 VDC/VAC version.
    • Massive energy and maintenance cost reduction: With a power consumption of only 5 Watts a perfect replacement for traditional light sources up to 50 Watt halogen and HQI sources up to 20 Watts.
    • Easy interchangeable optical lens system with beam angles from 20° to 66°, a 120º beam (soft diffused) and even an elliptical lens of 20 x 42°.
    • High grade stainless steel 316 top ring, for optimum protection against corrosion.
    • 2/3/4 Way mold set included, for guaranteed waterproof connection.
    • Up to 50.000 hours of lifetime, due to the patented cooling system and the use of the latest generation of Lumileds / Cree LEDs.
    • Ready for the future. As optics, LEDs and internal power supply can be replaced, the REVO Micro Inground will never be outdated by future developments.
    • Ventilation Gland with Gore-Tex membrane, which minimizes the risk of condensation within the fixture.

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    457 Lumen (Version 4000K CRI>82)


    Specifications    ( i )

    5 Watt900 gram200cm 100-240 VAC24 VDC/AC50000 Hrs3OutdoorFloor360°13,510cm15 kg/cm2Luxeon/Cree x1

    LED Colors