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    • Available as uplighter or down lighter.
    • Many configurations possible. Create your own fixture within 30 seconds with the fixture generator on the CLS website.
    • Choice of multiple colours of LED light sources and a variety of beam angles.
    • Up to 80% energy savings compared to traditional light sources.
    • High light output due the latest generation of Lumileds / Cree LEDs in combination with high quality optics.
    • Easy interchangeable optical lens system with beam angles from 8° to 80° & 12 x 46°.
    • Aluminium CNC housing for optimum cooling properties.
    • Built-in 110-240 VAC power supply for easy installation.
    *Black fixtures are not usable in countries with an ambient temperature > 40 °C.

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    744 Lumen (Version 4000K CRI>82)


    Specifications    ( i )

    6 WattIP671200 gram200cm 110-240 VACOutdoorWallCree x41-10V dimmable

    LED Colors