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    An extensive cooperation with leading lighting designers in the museum world has resulted in a revolutionary range of display lighting for museums, galleries and retail applications.
    Never before have lighting designers had such a powerful tool at their disposal for optimum showcase lighting.
    • The CLS zoom system enables lighting designers to vary the beam angle between 15° and 65°.
    • Choice of (typical) 85 and 95 CRI versions for optimum colour reproduction.
    • Internal slot for colour correction filters.
    • Large horizontal and vertical adjustability, for optimum positioning flexibility.
    • Optional extension rods of 10 & 30 cm height, for variable heights of the pole.
    • Maximum power consumption 3 Watt.
    • Various dimming options: Mains (phase cut), 1-10V, DALI & DMX 512 protocol.

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    • F-1-2-01-Z CLS Focus 2700K, zoom, black, max. 700mA 85CRI
    • F-1-3-06-Z CLS Focus 2700K, zoom, white, max. 700mA 95CRI
    • F-1-2-03-Z CLS Focus 3000K, zoom, black, max. 700mA 85CRI
    • F-1-2-02-Z CLS Focus 3000K, zoom, black, max. 700mA 95CRI
    • F-1-3-02-Z CLS Focus 3000K, zoom, white, max. 700mA 95CRI
    • F-1-2-04-Z CLS Focus 4000K, zoom, black, max. 700mA 85CRI
    • F-1-3-05-Z CLS Focus 4000K, zoom, white, max. 700mA 95CRI


    220 Lumen (Version 4000K CRI>85)


    Specifications    ( i )

    Max. 3 WatIP20190 gram150cm Max. 700mA50000 Hrs3IndoorWallFloor135°360°Luxeon/Cree x1Mains dimmable1-10V dimmable

    LED Colors

    2700K CRI853000K CRI854000K CRI85