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    Unique lighting possibilities & concepts are now possible with the introduction of a completely new technology.
    RGBW variant with high quality white light
    With no less than 4000 lumen of high quality white light perfect as general lighting fixture. Besides this the Ruby offers perfect, shadow free colour mixing through the combination of the unique CLS 100 Watt RGBW CoB LED module and a specially designed new optical system.
    Typical applications
    The applications are numerous. Concert halls, theatres, showrooms, museum & galleries, event centres, churches, atriums and all other spaces where one wants to have functional white light with the combination of coloured light in order to change the atmosphere by using an architectural design fixture.
    Homogeneous & shadow free colour mixing
    By using advanced software for the calculation of the optical design our engineers came with a unique solution. The use of a specially designed mixing chamber for the colours in combination with a extreme narrow placing of the 4 different LED colours has led to unknown good colour mixing without any shadows.
    Several dimming methods for perfect smooth dimming
    The advanced electronic circuits offers not less than 3 different dimming methods;
    - Standard PWM dimming
    - Hybrid dimming
    - Full Analog dimming



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    Specifications    ( i )

    100 WattIP203700 gram200cm 200-240 VAC50000 Hrs1IndoorWallCeilingFloor270°360°DCC x1

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