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    • Unprecedented elegance, functionality and efficiency united in a timeless design.
    • Adjustable beam angle of 15° - 65°.
    • Unparalleled dimming precision due to the unique CLS Magno dimming system.
    • 2700K, 3000K and 4000K colour temperatures available, other colour temperatures upon request.
    • CRI value of 85 or 95 (typical) for optimum colour rendition.
    • Light output comparable to 35 W halogen with a power consumption of less than 7 Watts.
    • Internal slot for colour and/or correction filters.
    • Universal 3-phase track adapter.
    • Mechanical locking system for optimum position fixation.
    • Optional extension rods of 10 and 30 cm height, allowing for the fixture to be mounted up to 120 cm below the track.
    • Snoot available as optional accessory.

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    • F-4-2-16-Z CLS FOCUS 2700K, zoom, black, Track 230V 95CRI
    • F-4-3-16-Z CLS FOCUS 2700K, zoom, white, Track 230V 95CRI
    • F-4-2-12-Z CLS FOCUS 3000K, zoom, black, Track 230V 95CRI
    • F-4-3-12-Z CLS FOCUS 3000K, zoom, white, Track 230V 95CRI
    • F-4-2-15-Z CLS FOCUS 4000K, zoom, black, Track 230V 95CRI
    • F-4-3-15-Z CLS FOCUS 4000K, zoom, white, Track 230V 95CRI


    440 Lumen (Version 4000K CRI>85)


    Specifications    ( i )

    6 Watt275 gram100-240 VAC50000 Hrs3IndoorCeiling90º°360°Cree/Luxeon x1Magno dimming

    LED Colors

    2700K CRI853000K CRI954000K CRI85