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    Unique new lighting concepts are made possible by the use of innovative new LED modules. 
    RGBW variant with high quality white light
    As a result of the use of no less than 12 high power white light LED chips and 18 RGB LED chips, the Jade is perfectly usable for both basic light applications as well as mood creating fixture.
    The combination of the completely new developed RGBW LED module and an innovative new optical system has resulted in uniform and shadow free colour mixing.
    Typical applications
    The applications are numerous, thematic environments in museums, showrooms and shops, event centres, wedding halls, bowling centres and all other places where one wants to combine functional lighting with coloured lighting in order to change the ambiance.  
    Large product family
    The Jade is available in many variants, making it possible to realise many lighting plans with only 1 design form. 

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    1491 lumen (All LEDS on)
    668 lumen (Only white LEDS on)


    Specifications    ( i )

    Max. 30 WattIP20780 gram100-240 VACCeiling350°340°

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