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    With the Lina Track HP series, CLS offers a linear dimmable LED lighting solution with many configuration options.

    The profile is extremely compact and elegant and can perfectly be harmonized with many different interior environments.

    The high light output in combination with the possibility to apply different optics, allows the Lina fixtures to be used for many different applications.

Typical applications for the Lina Track HP are shops, museums & galleries, hotels & restaurants, and possible applications where linear lighting solution with high light output is required.

    The CLS product configurator allows you to easily create your own fixture in terms of profile length, profile colour finish, LED colour temperature and beam angle.

    Product features:

    • Available in black or white.
    • Lengths: 55, 80, & 105 cm.
    • Color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.
    • Beam angles of 14°, 16°, 30°, 42°, 120° & 16x40°.
    • Non Dim or Local Dim through potentiometer on the driver housing.
    • Lumen up to 4000 lumen p/m (4000K, CRI> 80).
    • Particularly attractive to combine with the Lina Remote Phosphor series.

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