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    • To create all possible white light colour temperatures, from extra warm light to cool day light. Provides the ability to adjust the light in a space to a specific season, to adjust the exposure of the objects or products that one wish to expose or extra attention by creating dynamic patterns. You can choose from 3 different Tunable White versions: 2700K - 5000K 1800K - 3000K (Amber + 3000K) 1800K - 4000K (Amber + 4000K)
    • DPC = Dynamic Power Control. Advanced processing witch results in a light output that is normally only seen at much larger fixtures.
    • Up to 50.000 hours of lifetime, due to the patented cooling system and the use of the latest generation of Cree/Luxeon LEDs.
    • Available with an Eutrac or Global 3 phase track adapter.
    • Easily interchangeable optical lens system with beam angles from 8° to 80° & 12 x 46°.
    • Quality design housing in massive CNC cut aluminium.
    • Different colours for the housing available.
    • Future proof! As optics, LEDs and internal power supply can be replaced, the REVO Compact will never be outdated by future developments.

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    788 Lumen (Version 4000K CRI>82)


    Specifications    ( i )

    10 WattIP201300 gram100-240 VAC50000 Hrs1IndoorCeiling270°360°Cree, Luxeon x4DPC

    LED Colors

    2700K - 5000K1800K - 3000K1800K - 4000K