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    • Energy savings up to 80% in comparison with traditional light sources such as halogen, T5 and CFL.
    • Light output up to 2000 lumen with a power consumption of only 20 Watts.
    • Adjust the look of fixtures to the interior design: the housing of the Ultima series is available in many colours.
    • Beam angles available from 8° to 60°, the Ultima is therefore suitable for both low and high ceilings.
    • Remarkably good colour rendition, CRI > 85.
    • 'Single Bin' LED technology. Annoying colour variations in appearance of white light, such as was often the case with metal halide, CFL and T5 luminaires, now belong to the past. The result is a uniform and consistent lighting scheme.

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    2176 Lumen (Version 4000K CRI>82)


    Specifications    ( i )

    20 WattIP201200 gram200~277 VAC50000 Hrs1IndoorWallCeiling270°350°Cree, Luxeon x161-10V dimmable

    LED Colors



    12°30°60°12 x 46°