What is DMX?

The term DMX occurs regularly in the world of lighting, but what exactly is DMX? We give you a short introduction into the DMX technology.

Digital MultipleXed, also called DMX 512, is a protocol which originated from the need of standardization and flexibility. DMX is used for controlling intelligent lighting. Here, you can think of all kinds of lighting, like podium lighting, theater lighting or even museum lighting. With a DMX protocol you can execute different functions, like dimming, color gradients, strobe and an amount of other functions.

The DMX protocol contains 512 channels, which means that 512 channels can be controlled with one DMX cable. For example, the dimmer can be controlled between values of 0 and 255, in which 255 equals a fully activated fixture and 0 equals a switched-off armature.

The DMX protocol makes a connection between controller, dimmer and LED armature. With this, controllers, dimmers and fixtures of different brands can be controlled simultaneously by one DMX controller. This makes operating LED fixtures very simple.

CLS produces high-end DMX dimmers by themselves, like the CLS LDC-41 DMX current dimmer. This dimmer contains a 4-channel DMX driver and has a very nice uniform dimming thanks to the 16 bit dimming technology. This dimmer is ideal for TV studios and theaters, since it is completely flicker free. A nice example of a project in which this dimmer is being used is the Chassé theater in Breda, The Netherlands.

Many of our fixtures do have the option for DMX. Take a look at those fixtures at DMX fixtures.

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